Where to Live Stream Wild and Cute Animals in Real-Time


The internet makes the world smaller, but there’s something about watching live creatures that makes it seem even smaller. While there are cat videos from all over the world that you can watch on-demand, watching an animal go about its day is a way different experience. It makes you feel connected with the world even when you’re not.

After scouring the web, we found several sites that offer real-time footage of adorable animals. In these animal cameras, you’ll find both domestic and wild animals that you just can’t resist watching.

1. Explore.org

Explore.org Best Animal Livecams

Explore.org gives you a huge variety of live animals to check out. You can watch everything from gorillas, eagles, kittens, pandas, and even honey bees. The homepage displays a large collection of these live cams—just click any of the thumbnails to get started.

If you’re looking for something a little more specific, you can use the handy menu at the top of the page. This allows you to sort animals by the environment they live in, as well as their species.

In case you don’t see what you’re looking for on the homepage, chances are you can find it by browsing through one of those categories. Whether you opt to view live animal cameras in the wild, or check out a zoo exhibit, you’ll find yourself entertained for hours.

2. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium Best Animal Livecams

The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers high-quality streams of most of its creatures, and that includes jellyfish, penguins, sharks, and a variety of fish. While all of these creatures are awesome, it’s safe to say that the aquarium’s sea otters are definitely the cutest.

When you’re done ogling the otters, the aquarium’s one-million-gallon open ocean tank is also worth a look. Keep in mind that these cams only operate at specific times. All of these cams start streaming at 10am PST, but the ending times vary.

3. International Wolf Center

International Wolf Center Best Animal Livecams

The International Wolf Center houses several types of majestic wolves. Right now, the center’s Exhibit Pack consists of one northwestern gray wolf, one Great Plains gray wolf, and two Arctic gray wolves. You can view a live stream of this pack right from the International Wolf Center’s site.

Scroll down the page, and you’ll see two more live streams. These streams keep tabs on the Retired Pack, which currently consists of one wolf.

If you don’t immediately see a wolf as you watch these cams, look closer—they tend to blend in with their environment. To capture wolves and other wild animals in your own backyard, you might want to think about investing in one of these trail cameras for all budgets.

4. Baby Goat Cams

Baby Goats Cam Best Animal Livecams

Who doesn’t love baby goats? These baby goat cams come from Goat Milk Stuff, an Indiana farm that raises goats and sells goat milk products.

The site has two live cams: one that streams the goats’ pasture, and one that shows the inside of the baby goat pen. Tune in at the right time, and you’ll get to watch as the baby goats jump, play, and frolic around their enclosure.

5. Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium Best Animal Livecams

If you can’t visit the Georgia Aquarium, its live streams are the next best thing. You can get front row seats to many of its exhibits, all while never leaving your house.

Take a look at its African penguins, puffins, jellyfish, piranhas, sea otters, and gators. The California sea lion cam is also loads of fun to watch—you just can’t beat the cuteness that comes along with sea lions playfully swimming around their tank.

6. Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Smithsonian's National Zoo Best Animal Livecams

Smithsonian’s National Zoo offers a handful of amazing animal webcams that get you up close and personal with wildlife. Here, you can check out live footage of naked mole rats, beautiful lions, loveable giant pandas, and even elephants. Personally, I think the best stream on the site is the cheetah cub cam, which shows cute cheetah cubs with their mother.

Some live streams, like the giant panda and naked mole-rat cams, come with two different cams that you can swap between—this way, you can view these creatures from two different angles.

7. EarthCam

EarthCam Best Animal Livestreams

Like Explore.org, EarthCam is a hub for live webcams. EarthCam has plenty of live footage that come from zoos and sanctuaries around the world.

Some of these cams will redirect you to the zoo’s website, while others are hosted by EarthCam. For any cams on EarthCam’s site, you have to watch a short ad before you can start viewing. The cam pictured above comes from the meerkat exhibit at Zoo Miami—this is just one example of the intriguing animals you can find on EarthCam.

8. Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo Best Animal Livestreams

The Kansas City Zoo is another great source of live animal webcams. With these live cams, you can get a close look at king penguins, gentoo penguins, polar bears, giraffes, otters, and orangutans.

Both penguin streams seem to be the most active of the bunch. On the king penguin stream, you can watch penguins waddle around land, while the gentoo penguin stream gives you an underwater view.

9. Kitten Academy

Kitten Academy Best Animal Livestreams

For a 24/7 live stream of cats and adorable kittens, Kitten Academy is the best place to look. Kitten Academy fosters kittens and their mothers, raising them until they’re ready to get adopted.

The primary stream combines three views of the kittens in one video, allow you to watch them play, sleep, and grow. Cat lover or not, this live stream can cheer up just about anyone. This might even motivate you to monitor your own cats with a pet camera!

10. Warrior Canine Connection

Warrior Canine Connection Best Animal Livestreams

Although you can watch the Warrior Canine Connection’s live stream on Explore.org, it’s still worth singling out. After all, how can you resist watching adorable golden and labrador retriever puppies? This Maryland-based nonprofit organization focuses on raising puppies to become service dogs for veterans.

The Warrior Canine Connection has several different views of its pups. You can check out the nursery, whelping room, outdoor puppy pen, and the puppy playroom, all of which are equally as cute.

These Live Animal Cameras Will Instantly Cheer You Up

Not only will these live animal cameras satisfy your curiosity, but they’ll also put you in a much better mood. It’s easy to feel happy when you see baby goats, kittens, pandas, and otters on your screen in real-time. That said, these live animal webcams make excellent second-screen companions, especially when work goes later than you planned.

Now that you’ve gotten the chance to check out wildlife from your home, explore the world with these virtual travel experiences your family can enjoy together.

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