You Can Now Watch Netflix Documentaries for Free on YouTube

Netflix has uploaded some of its best documentaries to YouTube. This means they’re available for anyone to watch for free, with or without a Netflix subscription. The documentaries on offer include Our Planet, as narrated by David Attenborough.

For several years, Netflix has allowed teachers to screen its documentaries in their classrooms. However, with schools around the world closed due to COVID-19, Netflix has uploaded a selection of documentaries for children (and adults) to watch at home instead.

How to Watch Netflix Documentaries on YouTube

The documentaries are all available on the Netflix YouTube channel. The streaming media giant has even put them all in a playlist to ensure they’re easily accessible. They’re all available in English, with subtitles in other languages being added later this week.

To watch some of the best Netflix documentaries on YouTube, just open the playlist, and scroll down until you find one you want to watch. A couple of the free documentaries are feature-length, while the others are episodic. In all, there are 34 videos to watch.

The highlight is probably the aforementioned Our Planet, as narrated by renowned naturalist, David Attenborough. Our Planet offers some fascinating insights into the natural world, as revealed across a beautifully filmed eight-part series.

Also available are Explained, a short-form series explaining various issues, 13th, a film all about the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, Abstract, which looks at the art of design, and Period. End of Sentence., which details the fight against the stigma of menstruation.

Where to Watch Even More Free Documentaries

Not only has Netflix made these documentaries available for free on YouTube, the company has also supplied educational resources for each one. These provide extra talking points and additional resources for anyone homeschooling their children.

There are certainly worse ways to educate your children than showing them a documentary. And if you have already watched all of these documentaries on Netflix and want even more to watch, here are the best places to watch free documentaries online.

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