Find New Podcasts Using Spotify’s Podcast Playlists

Spotify has launched a host of podcast playlists designed to help you discover new podcasts. These playlists will be curated by actual humans, and recommend the best podcasts based around a theme. These include true crime, celebrity, and climate change.

Spotify Starts Recommending Podcasts to People

In November 2019, Spotify launched the Your Daily Podcasts playlist. This was Spotify’s first official playlist dedicated to podcasts, and, similar to what Discover Weekly and Release Radar do for music, it recommends podcasts based on your listening habits.

Now, Spotify is ready to recommend more podcasts to you. A lot more podcasts. And its new podcast playlists are based around different genres and subject matters rather than your listening habits. Which means they could seriously broaden your podcast horizons.

How to Discover New Podcasts on Spotify

The three flagship podcast playlists are Best Podcasts of the Week, Crime Scene, and Brain Snacks. Best Podcasts of the Week curates a list of the week’s top podcasts, Crime Scene features true crime content, and Brain Snacks boasts short, educational episodes.

Spotify’s other podcast playlists are:

  • Murder Monday – For bone-chilling murder stories.
  • Who Run the World? – Inspiring stories of women.
  • This Week in Hollywood – Pop culture and entertainment news.
  • Family-Friendly Fun – Educational podcasts for the family.
  • Latinx and Proud – Latinx stories from cultural commentators.
  • Talk Flirty to Me – Stories from the world of dating.
  • Fodder for Foodies – A menu of tales from the world of food.
  • LGBTQ+ Voices – Stories from within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Unsolved Crimes and Mysteries – Haunted houses and cold cases.
  • Climate Crisis – Conversations about climate change.
  • Real People, Real Stories – Personal stories about everyday life.
  • Let’s Talk Women in Hip Hop – Redefining the culture of hip hop.
  • Stay in the Know – Engaging podcasts going behind the headlines.
  • 100% Celebrity Interviews – Interviews with your favorite celebrities.

You’ll be able to find all of these playlists on Spotify. Either head to the Podcasts tab and browse through the available playlists, or search for an individual playlist by name. They will all be updated regularly, and Spotify is also promising to add more playlists soon.

Spotify Is Taking Podcasts More Seriously

Spotify is clearly getting into podcasts in a big way, taking the format more seriously over time. And these podcast playlists should help people discover new podcasts, just as Spotify’s algorithmic playlists help people discover new music to stream.

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