Polar’s Grit X Smartwatch Is the Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Companion

Fitness-focused technology brand Polar has been releasing well-received fitness trackers and smartwatches for many years now. Their products are the ideal choice for exercise enthusiasts.

The company has just launched its latest wearable, the Polar Grit X. The smartwatch has been designed with outdoor exercise in mind, combining hardware and software to track your workout effectively.

What Is the Polar Grit X?

The Polar Grit X is a rugged smartwatch, packed with sensors and equipped with Google’s Wear OS operating system. It builds upon its high-end Vantage range of watches. However, the Grit X is one of Polar’s most comprehensive devices to date.

Adding to its outdoor credentials, the watch is designed to the US military-grade standard MIL-STD-810G. Despite this, it won’t weigh down your wrist, as it measures just 64 grams. If you plan to be away from home for an extended period while hiking or on endurance events, you won’t need to worry about the battery dying on you, either.

The Polar Grit X has an estimated 40-hour battery life while in use. When combined with the various power-saving settings available on the watch, you may be able to stretch this out to an incredible 100 hours.

Polar Grit X Features

Polar Grit X smartwatch

One of the most notable inclusions is the new Hill Splitter feature. This enables the watch to detect the uphill and downhill parts of your workout automatically. As a result, the Polar app can then offer you detailed performance reporting. This is a common theme among the Grit X’s features. Most of them don’t just record your workout; they analyze it, too.

Software capabilities like FuelWise, a rehydration and nutrition companion, and Komoot, turn-by-turn GPS guidance, alongside two-day weather forecasts, provide an end-to-end assistant to your workout. This is coupled with Polar’s Smart Coach, which combines heart rate data, FitSpark training plans, and personalized sleep analysis courtesy of Nightly Recharge.

Of course, other much-loved Polar highlights are here too, including their mobile app and web hub. The watch provides some of this analysis and feedback, but it’s using the Polar Flow software that you can really dig into your performance and training tips.

Where Can You Buy the Polar Grit X?

The Polar Grix X smartwatch is available to purchase now from Polar’s website for $429.95 and comes in black and green for medium and large sizes. The small/medium edition comes in white.

As with most smartwatches, you can customize the Grit X with accessory bands, available in Green Tundra, Red Paracord, and Blue Paracord. There’s a leather strap available, too.

If you don’t think you’d use many of the features on offer here but are still interested in fitness tracking, you do have options. Fitbit has a range of devices at multiple price points. So, be sure to check out our Fitbit comparison guide to decide which is right for you.

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