NEWBIE SHOOTS All My GUNS! (too scared to shoot the BIG ONE!!!)

I teach my little brother Kevin how to shoot guns. He has never shot a 270 riffle before, or shotgun, or 22 LR, 20 shot gun. My Gear (Shop and Support): I'll show you a bit on how to shoot a gun including the types of ammunition. Kevin will shoot the 22 long rifle first and then try the 20 and 12 gauge shotguns. I picked up a new Hell's Canyon Browning 270 for big game such as deer, coyote and even moose. The 22 LR is for small game such as squirrel, raccoon and hare. The 20 is a 870 Remington express, a rather cheap gun, but it comes with a rifled barrel for shooting slugs. It will shoot both shot and slugs making it an all around gun. As a 20 gauge, it shoots less shot, but can be good on ducks and geese, turkey at close range. The 12 gauge Browning shoots bigger stuff so it more effective at long range. MEDIA Website (For Email Alerts):
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