Stay Positive With Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist

Spotify has launched a new playlist designed to help us all get through these troubling times. Called Daily Wellness, the playlist combines inspirational podcasts and uplifting music, providing you with a daily dose of positivity.

What to Expect From Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist

In a post on For the Record, Spotify announced Daily Wellness, describing it as “a personalized mix of grounding motivational podcasts and feel-good music that can help you find positivity, mindfulness, or peace throughout your day.”

The Daily Wellness playlist will be updated twice a day; in the morning and in the evening. And Spotify will be picking the content with the time of day in mind. The idea being to top and tail your day with music and playlists to either get you moving or chill you out.

In the morning, Daily Wellness will provide “positive, motivational content to kickstart your day.” This means inspirational podcasts like Daily Quote and Yoga Girl Daily, plus “personalized music to help you rise and shine.”

In the evening, Daily Wellness will provide “content that’s a bit more relaxing” to help you get a good night’s rest. The podcasts will include Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra, and poetry from The Slowdown. Alongside more personalized music picks.

How to Listen to Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist

Daily Wellness is now available in the US and the UK, for both free and premium users. You’ll find it on the Made for You hub in the Spotify app on mobile, web, and desktop. Spotify hasn’t yet said if and when Daily Wellness will be available in other countries.

While most of Spotify’s playlists focus on music, the streaming service is getting into podcasts in a big way. Which means you can now use Spotify’s podcast playlists to discover new podcasts. Just avoid listening to anything too heavy right now.

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