The 17 Best Free Browser Games to Kill Time


If you have some time to kill, why not give these fun free browser games a try. They’re all casual games that you can play for free in your web browser whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

1. Woggle

For a different kind of word game, Woggle teases your brain to find the word you are given. When you see the word at the top, click connected letters on the board to create it. You can connect letters up, down, or diagonally to make the word.

Woggle starts off simple enough with words of just three letters. However, as you do well, you will progress to longer words which creates more of a challenge. You have limited time to find a certain number of words on a given list. When you find the word, click the last letter twice to submit it and move onto the next.

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2. Shell Challenge

Shell Challenge

If you’re looking for a test of your coordination and speed, try your hand at Shell Challenge. The rules are simple. You’ll see a shell at the top of the screen. When the cards on the board reveal their items, click the identical shell as fast as you can.

What makes this online game a challenge is that the cards only reveal for a few seconds. After they cover and reveal again, the items change place. So, you must scan and click quickly. Once you reach the level goal you can move on.

3. Crash It

Crash It

Collect jewels by making matches in Crash It. Unlike other matching games with gems, this one places the gems on the board in random spots for you to drop to the bottom. In order to drop them, match groups of three or more blocks of the same color.

You will see the number of gems you need of each color on the left. Since you have limited time, you may need to match blocks that drop an hourglass to the bottom to give you more time on the clock. Enjoy the soft music as you plan your moves in Crash It.

4. Number Mahjong

Mahjong games come in all shapes and sizes. If you love the genre, you should take a peek at Number Mahjong. Click matching numbers to create pairs and remove them from the board. And don’t worry, there’s no math involved here. Just match a 10 with a 10, a 17 with a 17, and so on.

Once you clear the board, you’ll move onto the next level and puzzle layout. Thus, you will never get bored with the same board. You can use hints and shuffles if you get stuck. Plus, the game offers relaxing music while you play.

5. Zoo Animals

Zoo Animals

For a different kind of matching game, head to the zoo. Zoo Animals is a stacking game. Each stackable piece has part of an animal on it that you must match to its counterpart. The match will remove the animal from the board.

You can move one piece at a time or an entire stack. Just keep in mind that every so often, a new piece will fall from the top. Remove as many animals as you can to score and move onto the next level.

6. Mystery Paradise

Mystery Paradise

In Mystery Paradise, your objective is to remove the colored background tiles by arranging the balls. Match three or more of the same colored balls to remove them and the background tile(s) from the board.

If you make a match, you continue with the balls already on the board. But if you make a move that does not make a match, more balls will appear. This is important to remember because in order to make matches, balls must have a direct path to each other. Clear the tiles and move onto the next challenging level in Mystery Paradise.

7. Cube Crash

Cube Crash is a match-three game with a fun twist. Yes, you need to click on three or more matching colors to remove the tiles from the board. But the trick is that in order to meet the level goal you have to plan ahead of time. If not, you may be left with less than three tiles of the same color to match—and fail.

As you move your mouse over the blocks of tiles, you will see how many points that click will get you towards your goal. So, listen to the jazzy music and strategize your matches as you work to complete each level.

8. Snail Bob

Snail Bob

If you like puzzlers with gadgets, levers, and buttons, then Snail Bob is one to check out. Your snail keeps on walking — slowly of course — but you can stop him with a click. Your objective is to get Bob to the exit by using the gizmos around him.

Rotate the levers to move objects, push the buttons to trigger ball drops, and figure out how to send Bob the snail to his safe spot in the pipe.

9. Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut The Rope Magic

If you enjoy casual games, then you’ve probably already played Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope: Magic is another installment in this series of puzzling games with Om Nom the hungry monster. This enchanting challenge lets you change characters throughout the level to complete the goal of getting Om Nom his candy.

As with the other Cut the Rope games, you slice through ropes to get the monster his candy. Try to get three stars for a perfect score on each level. Check out Cut the Rope: Magic for another cute follow-up to the original.

10. Neon 3

For a classic matching game with a twist of lime, take a look at Neon 3. Swap neon tiles of cocktails and goodies to match three or more. If you match four or more tiles, you can create special ones that blow away columns, rows, or blocks of tiles.

You have limited time to reach the level goal to move forward. So, keep your eye on the prize and your mind on the neon you see in Neon 3.

11. Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

Based on the classic cartoon characters of Tom and Jerry, this cool maze game has you running for the cheese. In Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze, you must move Jerry around the room using your own mouse to get the cheese. But time is ticking because Tom is on the prowl.

In addition to watching out for that pesky cat, you must beware of mouse traps, sticky goo, and other dangers. Collect your cheese and head to the mousehole to move onto another fun level.

12. Fox Adventurer

Fox Adventurer

Fox Adventurer is a puzzling game where you switch between day and night to find your way to the finish. As your fox continues to move, you must hit the button to make the switch. This will change the blocks he is walking on and allow you to move down towards the door.

With simple controls, make the fox jump for gems and the key on your way to the exit. Each level in Fox Adventurer offers a unique and puzzling challenge.

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13. Monkey Bubbles

If you like bubble shooters, then head to the jungle and play some Monkey Bubbles. Aim and click to launch the bubbles above you to make matches. You have a limited number of moves to clear the board of fruit, so plan wisely.

If you aim carefully, you can bounce the bubbles off the walls to land them where you need them. You can also see which fruit bubble is next in your wagon and click to swap it with your current one. All monkeying around aside, this is a fun bubble shooter.

14. Letter Mix

Letter Mix

For another out-of-the-ordinary word game, take a look at Letter Mix. The cute animal oversees your game as you create words from letters on the board. But this is a tricky one. Letters continue to fly in at a rapid pace and cover other letters.

Just click one letter at a time to move it to the bottom and create your word. When you’re ready, hit Submit and then create the next one. The longer your word, the better your score. But the key is to get the number of words needed to meet the goal.

15. Baseball for Clowns

Baseball for Clowns

If you are one of those people who cannot stand clowns, then this next game is for you. Baseball for Clowns dares you to take out those smiley-yet-creepy characters by throwing baseballs at them. This game is all about the planning.

You have a limited number of baseballs to take out all of the clowns you see. So try to use ricochet action to clobber as many clowns with one ball as you can. If you are a fan of Stupid Zombies, then you will love Baseball for Clowns.

16. Rescue the Divers

Dive into a unique type of match-three game with Rescue the Divers. Most games in this genre have tiles falling from the top while you work for matches toward the bottom. But this game has the divers on the bottom whom you want to float to the top by matching blocks above them.

Help all of the divers resurface to move onto the next level. If you run out of moves without completing a level, you can start it again.

17. Lines and Blocks

Lines and Blocks

Lines and Blocks is an interesting take on Tetris. As blocks fall, you rotate and move them into place them on the board. All of the blocks contain lines in various patterns.

Your goal is to place the blocks so that three or more match up to remove a line. If a block is left with no lines in it, it will be removed from the board. If not, it will remain until all of its lines are matched.

Continue playing until you reach the level goal to move forward. If the blocks reach the top, the game is over.

More Free Browser Games to Pass the Time

Matching games, puzzlers, word challenges, and brainteasers are all available to play in your browser when you have some time to spare. And we hope this list of casual games gives you at least a few that you can enjoy playing.

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