The 6 Best Restaurant Picker Apps to Help You Decide Where to Eat


Can’t decide what to eat? It’s an all-too-familiar problem for so many people. Rather than struggle alone, though, you can use an app to decide what to eat.

With apps, you’ll get the extra information you need to decide where to dine. You can see what your food looks like as well as restaurant-specific details. Whether you’re on Android or iPhone, these apps will help you finally decide what to eat.

1. Zomato

Zomato doesn’t require you to create an account to use it. Just launch the app, select your location, and the home screen will provide themed and popular recommendations by default. By tapping on filters, you can change your sort options using other common factors such as rating, cost, and distance.

You can further filter your results by specific cuisine types, ratings, the cost for two, and more. Zomato also offers its users one-touch filters such as nearest to me, rating (4.5+), book a table, caf├ęs, open now, and fine dining. So whether you have time to meticulously research or need to find somewhere quick, Zomato helps you out.

Zomato’s search feature helps it further excel as a restaurant picker app. Upon pressing the search bar, Zomato instantly recommends the top brands around you. Once you start typing, it will also recommend cuisine types or any nearby restaurants.

Download: Zomato for Android | iOS (Free)

2. OpenTable

OpenTable provides a different spin than the usual food picker app. Its main design focuses on reservations, so you’ll notice an immediate prioritization on timing and party count. However, OpenTable also includes a focus on delivery and takeout.

Once you have your location set, you’ll be able to utilize UberEats or a phone call to order your food. Like other apps helping you decide what to eat, you’ll find the standard menu, photos, and reviews to inform your decision. You’ll also see the option to order a gift card, browse by cuisine, and simply explore restaurants in your local area.

Download: OpenTable for Android | iOS (Free)

3. EatStreet

EatStreet is the opposite of OpenTable. Instead of one-tap reservations, it deals in one-tap deliveries. What immediately sticks out is that EatStreet listings show delivery charges and minimum order costs upfront.

The app also shows if a restaurant is takeout-only, rated, and whether it’s open at the moment. Individual restaurant listings include a basic overview page that provides info about deliveries and takeout. Once you decide, it’s all about ordering your food and checking out as quickly as possible.

If you have any coupon codes, you can enter them at checkout. The Group Order feature allows you to split the bill according to what people ordered. If you end up needing to split the bill later, check out the best apps to send money to friends.

Download: EatStreet for Android | iOS (Free)

4. GrubHub

Like EatStreet, Grubhub focuses on delivery. When looking at the delivery options near you, you’ll see the rating, estimated wait time, and whether there is a minimum amount needed for delivery. This platform tends to offer more results than EatStreet, so you’ll have more variety to choose from.

You can tap cuisines to bring up a variety of food categories to sort your results by. It’s easy to further refine your results by sorting on factors such as food delivery time, ratings, price, Grubhub+, new businesses, order tracking, coupons, and curbside pick-up. The process streamlines your search via whichever route you choose, so you’ll be able to focus your results without much effort.

Compared to the refining options, the search feature is more basic, showing some popular search results and suggestions as you type. Grubhub also offers a perks tab, so you can easily browse through the available coupons. Finally, try Grubhub+ for free if you want access to 10 percent cashback and unlimited free delivery.

Download: GrubHub for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Yelp

In comparison to other options, Yelp stands out in how detailed it is. While you can order takeout or delivery like other apps, it offers several features to help you choose. Depending on the restaurant, you’ll be able to immediately see numerous photos of the food and beverages in your search results.

Rather than working off descriptions, price points, and reviews alone, you can see most of the items to provide an additional angle when deciding on your food. The visuals don’t stop at the photos; you’ll see a lot of icons to help you navigate the information on each page (i.e. amenities). The ability to immediately get directions via Google Maps is useful while you’re on the road.

Yelp also offers more interaction between you and the business. If you’re looking for local restaurants, you’re more prone to see business responses or special offers listed via Yelp. The Yelp check-in feature also provides money-saving incentives and free food for exploring your local area.

Depending on the restaurant, you’ll see different buttons for takeout and delivery. These include a call to order, visiting the website, or ordering takeout and delivery. Delivery gets fulfilled via Grubhub.

Download: Yelp for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is normally associated with hotels, rentals, and flights. However, the restaurant component of the app offers its own incentives. If you’re traveling, you can search ahead to learn the options for popular destinations.

Once you’ve picked a location, the app lets you reserve a table online via OpenTable. From its start page, Tripadvisor offers you a variety of broad categories, such as by meal or by food. After you’ve selected one, you can add a variety of additional filters or check out the location on the map.

Plus, you’re able to see plenty of photos and reviews from other travelers. If you’re not a fan of Yelp or travel a lot, it’s a great alternative app to pick a restaurant.

Download: Tripadvisor for Android | iOS (Free)

Let an App Decide Where You Should Eat

Making decisions can be hard. However, decision-making apps can help you pick the right choice. By using one or a combination of these apps, you’ll decide what to eat without having to worry about remembering what’s nearby or open.

If you get tired of takeout and delivery, there are more alternatives. Check out some ways to get fresh and healthy meals delivered to your home. Using these, you can minimize the possible options and time spent deciding.

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