The Best Free Homeschool Printables and Templates for Parents


Whether you’re homeschooling your children temporarily or planning to make it permanent, you could probably use a little help. This is where templates and printables come in.

A template or printable can help you jumpstart a document rather than build it from scratch. Most times we think of using these for business. But these homeschool templates and printables are just what parents need to make teaching at home easier.

Homeschool Schedule Templates

One of the most important documents you can compose for homeschooling is a schedule. This lets you plan each day’s lessons and activities along with breaks.

If you use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, the following two class schedule templates from Vertex42 are terrific. Both templates are available in Excel and Google Sheets.

Each template gives you seven days per week along with two tabs for how you want to break down your days. So if you want to schedule lessons in 15-minute increments or prefer 30-minutes, you have both options.

What’s nice about these editable templates is that you can type in all the lessons and activities each week and then save, share, or print them.

New Class Schedule Template

New Class Schedule Template

Class Schedule Template

Class Schedule Template

Printable Homeschool Schedules

If you prefer to use a blank printable homeschool schedule and add lessons and activities by hand, Vertex42 offers similar templates as PDFs or for Microsoft Word.

You can find these on the same webpage as the other templates under Printable Weekly Class Schedules.

Printable Weekly Class Schedules Vertex42

Homeschool Homework Planner Templates

To help your elementary or high school students, consider giving them a weekly homework planner template. Also from Vertex42, you can choose the style that’s best for your child. Each includes a checklist for homework and a schedule.

If you think they’d take advantage of typing in their homework plans in Excel, Google Sheets, or Word, you can download this first template. It includes two tabs in the spreadsheet versions for in-school and homeschool students. The difference between the two are the start and end times for the days.

Homeschool Homework Planner Spreadsheet Template

Printable Homework Planners

Alternatively, there are two printable PDFs available; one for high school students and the other specifically for homeschool students. Like the template above, the difference is in the times for each day.

Printable Homework Planners Vertex42

If your child prefers to go digital, take a look at this list of study planner apps for mobile devices.

Lesson Plan Templates

For your own planning as a parent who is now a teacher, consider using a lesson plan template. With this option for Microsoft Word from Class-Templates, you can plan out your lesson objectives, a summary of tasks or actions, materials you need, references, and take-home tasks.

Lesson Plan Template for Word

Printable Lesson Plans

If you’d rather print a few lesson plan sheets and jot down the items instead, you can grab the PDF version of this lesson plan from the same website.

Alternatively, head to TemplateLab and check out their big collection of PDF lesson plans ready for printing.

Printable Lesson Plan Templates TemplateLab

Homeschool Printable Worksheets

If you’re looking for free homeschool printable worksheets, you’re in luck because there is a wonderful source.

Printable Worksheets is a site that offers free printables by subject, grade, and type.

For math, science, social studies, literature, and more, you can print crossword worksheets. You can download and view the crosswords and answers keys. Some subjects like math and science are broken down by grade level.

For children in kindergarten all the way through 12th grade, you can grab crossword worksheets for each and every subject.

Homeschool Printable Worksheets Crosswords

And if you prefer to browse by worksheet type, the site offers unscrambles, paragraph and sentence writing, and flashcards in addition to its popular crosswords worksheet.

Homeschool Printable Worksheets Writing

Homeschool Report Card Templates

Another template you’ll need for homeschooling your child is a report card template. A2ZHomeschooling offers a couple of templates that differ per the application you’ll use.

For Microsoft Excel, check out this report card template. It comes complete with subjects ranging from math and science to health and handwriting. You’ll also see explanations of grades and symbols, and areas for attendance and work habits and character.

Homeschool Report Card Spreadsheet Template

For Google Docs (or as a download for Microsoft Word from Google Docs), you can use this next homeschool report card template. Similar to the above template, this one has standard courses, electives, and an attendance record. You can easily add the final grade per term.

Also, the template gives you a course resources and activity log sections.

Homeschool Report Card Document Template

Printable Progress Report Form

Maybe what you really need is a printable progress report form that you can complete by hand. This option can be downloaded as a PDF. It gives you spots for recording progress by subject with dates and marks.

Printable Homeschool Progress Report

Homeschool Transcript Template

If your child is in high school, then this homeschool transcript template might be just what you need.

You can complete the Student Academic Record section with the school year, grade level, course names and descriptions, credits, grades, and GPA.

The template also gives you areas for tracking dual enrollment and honors classes, testing information, activities and achievements, and attendance.

Homeschool Transcript Template

You’ll also find helpful information for calculating GPA for standard and honors courses along with the yearly and cumulative GPA.­­

Homeschool Diploma Template Printables

To certify that your child successfully completed their high school education, you may need a homeschool diploma template.

The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling website offer two diplomas to pick from; one is 6 by 8 inches and the other is 8.5 by 11. Just complete the diploma with your child’s name the date, and your signature.

Printable Homeschool High School Diploma

GPA Calculator

This next handy sheet is for calculating GPA. So while it’s technically not a template, it’s certainly essential for correctly calculating your child’s GPA, working scenarios to see how it affects their GPA, and keeping a record of grades and cumulative GPA.

GPA Calculator Vertex42

It’s Never Too Late to Use a Template

Your homeschooling job may already be underway, but it’s never too late to start using a template. You might be using blank paper or notes for some of these types of documents or haven’t even considered using some of them at all.

Either way, you can prepare for next week’s lessons better using these homeschool templates and printables.

For an additional organization tool and notebook rolled into one for homeschooling, check out the advantages of using OneNote for school.

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