5 Excellent Video Editors for Kids That Are Easy to Learn


If you’re at home with the kids and need something to do, why not start them on the path to becoming Oscar-winning directors? All they need is a bit of footage and a video editing tool, and they can begin creating their first creative masterpiece.

There are a few easy to use video editing tools for kids. Not all specifically target kids who want to edit videos. But the range of tools, ease of use, and approach to video editing means that kids can begin editing their videos without difficulty.

So, here are the best video editors for kids!

1. Windows 10 Photos App Video Editor

windows 10 photos app video editor

Price: Free with Windows 10

Did you know that the Windows 10 Photos app also has a video editor? It is basic, to say the least. But effective for the first few steps into video editing.

The Windows 10 Photos app video editor lets you trim and split your videos. You can add title pages where you see fit, using a range of available fonts and styles. If you want, you can select from several background music options, or add a custom option.

There are also options for 3D effects, such as a confetti cannon or falling autumn leaves. The 3D effects come from Microsoft Paint 3D. You can also add models from Paint 3D into the video, such as a velociraptor or giant oak tree.

As these effects and models are made in Paint 3D, they are very digitized and will stand out in your kid’s video—but that could be exactly what they want to add fun effects to their home videos.

Overall, the Photos app video editor is a great option for kids. The features are so basic that kids will not get stuck on menus or tricky timelines and can stitch together their video creations quickly.

Plus, it’s free and already installed if you’re running Windows 10. The Photos app has a bunch of photo editing tools¬†too, so you don’t have to download other apps.

2. OpenShot

Price: Free

If the Windows Photos app video editor isn’t giving your kids the range of tools they want, look at OpenShot.

OpenShot is an open-source, free video editing tool for Windows 10. It isn’t geared towards kids specifically. However, the easy to use features, relatively intuitive user interface, and a decent array of video editing tools will suit children learning how to edit videos.

It is a step up from the extremely basic Windows 10 Photos app video editor. You can edit video properties, add scene transitions, filters, and various video effects. In that, OpenShot gives kids another level of video editing tools to work with but it won’t be an overwhelming jump.

It’s no wonder that OpenShot also appears on our list of the best free video editing apps for Windows.

3. Movavi

movavi video editor for kids

Price: Free 7-day trial, then $39.95 for a lifetime license.

Movavi is a video editor that your kids will learn in no time at all.

It boils video editing into five easy steps: add video clips, cut and enhance, apply transition fades, insert music, and export. Those five steps let anyone edit a video quickly, producing a polished product with little difficulty.

Kids will enjoy the wider range of animations, transitions, and effects on offer in Movavi. The user interface is similar to many professional video editors too. When they make the transition to a more powerful video editing tool, the layout will remain familiar.

You can also use Movavi to capture live video streams from other sources. For instance, you can select a Skype call as an input, record the video, then edit as you see fit. Alternatively, your kids could live stream their favorite game into Movavi, then edit it ready for upload.

The free version of Movavi comes with several restrictions. The biggest restriction is the massive Movavi watermark that stretches the screen. Purchasing the licensed version removes the watermark and adds several effects, transitions, and extra tools, costing $39.95 for a lifetime license.

4. Filmora9

filmora9 video editor

Price: Free, or $69.99 for a lifetime license.

Filmora9 is an intuitive video editing tool with a focus on producing high-quality videos in a short time. Kids can edit videos quickly using the professional array of video editing tools.

Also, Filmora9 features a YouTube 101 series with walkthroughs from experienced creators, perfect for those older kids looking to get into content creation.

One thing Filmora9 does well is title creation and customization. You can add a completely customized title screen using Filmora9’s integrated options. Even though there are heaps of presets available, your kids will find their work has a unique feel.

Aside from title screens, Filmora9 has an extensive array of transitions and filters, even featuring motion elements. There’s also a choice of royalty-free music.

Like Movavi, Filmora9 is a premium tool. The free version of the app allows you to use all the available tools. However, your exported video will feature a watermark. To remove the Filmora9 watermark, you must upgrade to the Annual Plan, which costs $39.99 per year. Or you could opt for the Lifetime Plan, which is a one-time payment of $69.99.

Filmora9 is a great video editing tool for kids that want a little more power, more editing options, and more control over their video creations.

5. HitFilm Express

Price: Free

The final option for kids is another step up the video editing ladder. Some kids will struggle with HitFilm Express. But your pre-teens and teenagers should learn the ropes with relative ease.

HitFilm Express is a free video editor that comes packed with professional-grade tools and visual effects. The user interface is familiar, using timelines, drag and drop files, and multiple areas to manage video files. Your kids can move the workstation around to suit their workflow too, which is handy.

The list of tools is extensive. Kids can begin with simply cutting and splicing videos together using HitFilm Express. But they can also work their way up to using color corrections, layer masks, image tracking, and even the particle simulator. In fact, the particle simulator is fun at all ages but might need a guiding hand to get started.

There are also options for greenscreen backgrounds, post-processing effects and customization, and heaps of other special effects.

All in all, HitFilm Express is one of the most complete video editing tools for kids—even if it takes them a little while to learn. Still, there is no time better to start learning. After a while, even a professional tool like HitFilm Express will become as easy as the Windows 10 Photos app video editor.

Which Is the Best Video Editor for Kids?

The best kids video editing app depends on your children and their technical capabilities. I tested several of these tools with my kids during the coronavirus lockdown, for a school project.

Given their absolute lack of editing skills before this (bar some stop-motion image editing), the integrated Windows 10 Photos app video editor was a hit for its ease of use. That said, my eldest child felt that the overall package was lacking and wanted more by way of filters, scene transitions, and effects.

The kids found a happy medium with OpenShot, which didn’t increase the complexity of the video editing but did add a significant amount of customization to their creations. Plus, OpenShot is free, which is always a bonus.

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