Instagram Launches Guides to Help You Stay Sane

Instagram has launched Guides, a new type of post that collects together other posts based around a theme. Instagram has launched Guides with a focus on wellness. This is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting everyone in some way.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram introduced Guides in a post on the Instagram Blog. The social network describes it as “a way to more easily discover recommendations, tips and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations and publishers on Instagram”.

Guides are essentially collections of posts and videos based around a theme. And when viewed all together, they form a guide to a subject. Hence the name. You can just browse the collection, or click on a particular post or video to view it in full.

To view an Instagram Guide, you’ll need to visit the profile of one of the participating creators or organizations. Which includes AFSP, Heads Together, and Klicksafe. Then, just tap on the Guides icon, which looks like a book lying open.

At launch, all of the Guides are related to wellness. So, expect tips on looking after your wellbeing, maintaining connections with others, and managing anxiety. This is to help people keep their health in check while COVID-19 is still spreading around the globe.

There Are Alternatives to Instagram…

While Instagram has started with Guides related to wellness for obvious reasons, the feature could be expanded to include all sorts down the line. For example, we could produce a Guide to something tech-related on the MakeUseOf Instagram account.

Guides is the first new type of Instagram post since IGTV. And if you don’t know what that is, read our guide to IGTV and how it works. Or, if you’ve tried Instagram and found it isn’t for you, try one of these Instagram alternatives for smartphone photographers.

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