Back Up All Your Devices With Degoo Premium’s 10TB Lifetime Plan

You probably don’t think twice about storing your data on your computer and smartphone. And while it’s convenient to keep personal photos, business invoices, and other files on our devices, there’s always a real risk of losing your data.

If you or someone else accidentally selects a delete option, your device will erase that data from its storage. Many times, this is a permanent action with no option to recover your deleted files.

This is where a cloud backup service like Degoo Premium comes into the picture.

What Is Degoo Premium?

Degoo Premium is a service that helps you back up all your data from your devices to the cloud. This way, a copy of your data is always available outside of the device it’s stored on. In case you ever mess up your device and delete certain files, you can tap one option in this service and it will restore all the data for you.

overview of degoo premium

There are many cloud backup providers which offer various plans. However, none comes close to Degoo’s 10TB plan. This is much more storage than what you get with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined. You can store pretty much everything from all of your devices on this plan, and you’ll still have a lot of free backup space left over.

At MakeUseOf Deals, you can grab the Degoo Premium 10TB lifetime plan for just $99.99. It’s a steal considering the number of features—and most importantly, the amount of backup space you get. And since this plan usually costs $9.99 per month, you’re getting a huge discount.

What Can You Do With Degoo Premium?

Degoo Premium isn’t just a boring backup service where you click and forget. It offers several features that make using this service enjoyable.

With Degoo, you can send your files to your friends and family easily with a link. Simply generate a link from the app, then share it with the people that want to access your files.

degoo premium features

The data that you back up is secured with a 256-bit AES encryption. This means is that even if someone manages to hack into the backup server containing your files, they can’t see the actual data. All that they’ll see is some gibberish text with no meaning.

When you create a backup with this service, it replicates that backup for more safety. Thus, you still have a working version of your file if it gets corrupted while you’re backing it up.

Degoo Premium keeps an eye on your files for any changes. If and when it detects a file change, it makes sure the updated file backs up to your account.

Where Can I Use Degoo Premium?

A great aspect of this service is that it’s available for nearly all your devices. You can use it to back up data on iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, and your computer.

It’s easy to access Degoo on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with a dedicated app. When on a computer, you can access the backup service using the web app. Don’t miss the Degoo Premium 1TB deal; start protecting your files today!

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