Plex Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac


If you have a large collection of locally-saved media, you need to be using Plex. It is the best way to keep your digital movies and TV shows organized.

Plex is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and all the major streaming platforms. You can use it to import artwork and other metadata, display subtitles, play multiple audio tracks, automatically organize your content into collections, and more. The app even has support for live TV, DVR, and personalized news.

Each version of the Plex app operates slightly differently. Today, we want to focus on the desktop app for Windows and Mac. Specifically, we’re going to introduce you to some of the most useful Plex keyboard shortcuts. After all, no one wants to be fiddling around with a mouse just to change the volume in the middle of a movie.

The shortcuts are split into three sections: Navigation, Playback, and Troubleshooting. Some shortcuts use the same hotkeys, depending on which mode you’re in.

(Note: Replace Control with Cmd if you’re using a macOS machine.)

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Plex Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Shortcut Action
App Navigation
Left Arrow Navigate left
Right Arrow Navigate right
Up Arrow Navigate up
Down Arrow Navigate down
Enter Select
Space Select
Esc Back
Backspace Back
Delete Back
P Start playback off highlighted item
W Toggle played/unplayed status
Shift + F11 Enter/exit fullscreen mode (Windows)
Cmd + Control + F Enter/exit fullscreen mode (Mac)
Win + Down Arrow Minimize Plex (Windows)
Cmd + M Minimize Plex (Mac)
Alt + F4 Quit app
Control + Q Quit app
Enter Access menu
+ Volume up
Volume down
P Pause/play
Right Arrow Skip back 10 seconds
Left Arrow Jump forward 10 seconds
Up Arrow Jump forward 10 minutes
Down arrow Skip back 10 minutes
X Cancel playback
B Back
H Stop playback and return to home screen
Home Play previous item in queue
End Play next item in queue
Z Cycle though aspect ratios
A Switch to next audio stream
Control + A Return to previous audio stream
L Switch to next subtitles
Control + L Switch to previous subtitles
S Toggle subtitles on/off
Alt + A Increase audio delay
Alt + Shift + A Decrease audio delay
Alt + S Increase subtitle delay
Alt + Shift + S Decrease subtitle delay
Control + Shift + R Reload app
Control + Shift + D Show debug information

How to Do More With Plex

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