Crow Hunting in the Swamp, Cooking like CAVEMAN in the BUSH!

We try our luck at knocking a couple birds out of the sky for a caveman meal at the lean-to primitive bushcraft shelter. Ghillie suits: My Gear (Shop and Support): Scott's Channel: Hunting crows can be quite the challenge. It requires some good camouflage to hide yourself as crows are not only very smart, they also have very good eyesight. You'll also need a caller, an electronic one such as the fox pro game caller is ideal as it will put out crow sounds continuously leaving your hands free to get ready to shoot. You can use simple skeet or duck load, crows are not super tough. I cycle the call on, or go continuous, and the crows should be quick to come in. I prefer to use a crow fight call, as this calls them in quickly. If you have a big budget consider a mojo crow decoy with flapping wings, static decoys will work too, and a mix is even better. GHILLIE SUIT Hunting Challenge for Crow, CAVEMAN Cooking at the Bushcraft Shelter
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