Survival Rabbit Trapping (Improved Box Design!) | Big Chungus Trap Trail Cam Footage

Kevin from Modern Self Reliance helps me build an improved rabbit box trap using materials we salvage. For a few pine boards, a hinge, some screen and some weights to help the door drop and a simple piece of wire, this trap is pretty effective! My Gear (Shop and Support): Kevin's Channel: We use some apples and other kitchen scraps to trap rabbits and even the attention of other critters like raccoon and squirrel. I also use a lot of trail cameras to help make the trap more effective. I will show you how to build a homemade rabbit box trap with simple materials. This is a super easy DIY rabbit trap. I will also show you how to bait the trap and show you how rabbits react to the traps so you can learn how to trap rabbits easier. MEDIA – Small business marketing help: – Website (For Email Alerts):
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