Plastic Wrap Survival Shelter Build Challenge (NO Food, NO Water!) | Rat Trap, Spit Roast, Overnight

I build a plastic wrap shelter with the help of some dead standing cedar poles and some screws in an epic winter "survival challenge." I'll set some survival rat traps and try to catch some delicious critters to spit roast cook over a fire! Ray from riverbendlongbows: Kevin's Channel: Thanks to Princess Auto for sending me the rat traps! My Gear (Shop and Support): Now that I have my trap license, I will use rat traps to target red squirrels with a super interesting set. Find out if I manage to catch any tree squirrels for dinner! I test my survival skills in the Canadian forest to survive with just a few winter camping type necessities like a cot, sleeping bag and wood stove and a knife. This isn't a typical survival challenge, but more a test of rebuilding civilization from scratch in the event of a apocalyptic event. I make a tripod for boiling water in my billy can that I gather from the creek. Find out how good squirrel tastes cooked over the fire! Survival is all about making the best of a bad situation. Staying warm and dry is the key to staying alive. After survival is taken care of, it's all about making your situation even better. Finding food, water, and making a shelter is a must to create ultimate survival comfort. I use a saw and basic tools to make a bushcrafter shelter in the Canadian forest using materials around us like tree branches and dried grass. I attempt a friction fire using primitive technology – a cedar spindle, hearth board, and some birch bark and cedar shavings for a tinder bundle. Can I get a fire lite in tough conditions? Can you eat snow? Find out! [x] Plastic Wrap Survival Shelter Challenge (No Food, No Water, No Shelter!) | Rat Traps, Spit Roast MEDIA – Small business marketing help: – Website (For Email Alerts):
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